2022 Eligibility Post

It’s that time of year again! Autumn brings us all sorts of little joys: fall colors, cool weather (such a relief after our sauna of a summer), horror movies (okay, more horror movies), and of course, eligibility posts. Apparently, it’s customary for speculative fiction writers do a little announcement about the work they’ve published in the past year that’s eligible for the various speculative fiction/horror awards, and who am I to argue with a good idea?

If any of my published short stories from the past year made you smile or cry or shiver in the dark, please feel free to nominate for the Bram Stoker Award, Best Horror of the Year, or any other awards that strike your fancy!

Eligible Works:

“Fins” Published in Cosmic Horror Monthly Magazine Issue # 25 (July 2022). Fins pairs the deadly, real-life condition of hyponatremia with a bizzaro twist in a no-punches-pulled story about regrets, dissolution, death…and sharks…in canyon country.

“Blood, Ashes, Wine” Published in Frost Zone Zine Issue # 6 (March 2022). In this atmospheric dark-fantasy tale, a bereaved vintner plots long revenge on the men who overthrew her city.

“Low Tide” Published in Cosmic Horror Monthly Magazine Issue # 20 (Feb 2022). A soft, surreal modern-gothic about loneliness, dementia, and a set of stairs that don’t always go where they should.

The Deets:

“Low Tide” and “Fins” are available in paperback format through the Cosmic Horror Monthly website: https://www.cosmichorrormonthly.com/store/issue-20/ and https://www.cosmichorrormonthly.com/store/issue. Please contact me via this blog if you are a reviewer/nominator and would like to request a copy.

“Blood, Ashes, Wine” can be accessed at no cost on the Frost Zone website: https://frostzonezine.com/

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